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Hybrid Solutions Center Platform: Colocation & Cloud Services

Welcome back to the LightEdge Hybrid Solution Centers blog series. This week we will move from discussing facilities and infrastructure to talking about the importance of a secure platform. The Hybrid Solution Centers platform offers custom solutions for specific customer requirements. Although each customer’s service offerings may be unique, what remains constant is our simple network access, redundancy, security, and availability.

Colocation Options

LightEdge’s colocation options range from racks to cages to private suites. These options offer easy to access and consume LightEdge cloud solutions and/or public cloud resources, when desired.
Managing your company’s custom platform internally can present a major strain on valuable IT resources, which is why our staff is available 24x7x365 to help manage, support, and trouble shoot for our customers. Our solutions are backed by one of the strongest service guarantees in the industry. Our technical support starts with direct access to skilled technicians in LightEdge’s Network Operations Center (NOC) via a toll-free number for emergencies. Formal monitoring, logging, and event management processes are deployed in the NOC to ensure that pertinent information is recognized, identified, recorded, and processed effectively and efficiently.
With such a wide range of colocation options, comes secure, scalable, and mobile computing solutions that empower your workforce without compromising any propriety and protected data.

Cloud Storage Platform

LightEdge also offers a choice of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions to meet the unique challenges of your applications workloads. Some of our cloud products include:

  • Workplace Cloud: a managed suite of Citrix-based solutions that provide a seamless mobile user experience, enabling secure access to colocated or cloud-based applications and data from anywhere, on any device.
  • Power Cloud: provides specialized resources for your IBM iSeries environments, including Hosted Logical Partitions (LPARs), data protection, and disaster recovery services.
  • Flex Cloud: provides a dynamic and flexible path to migrate existing IT infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Enterprise Cloud: is a business class shared resource available per Resource Pool. This is the simplest way to deploy cloud resources and leverage high-performance technology, network, and scalability.

From simply ordering-up capacity in fully-managed environments to bare metal stacks that are deployed and delivered to your specifications, LightEdge’s world class, Tier III compliant data center facilities and talented engineers are ready to accommodate your business’s requirements.

Networking and Connectivity

LightEdge’s Hybrid Solution Centers are enabled by ease of networking and connectivity, and offer customers multiple ways to connect from premises based environments. There are also many options for Public Cloud access that don’t require customers to understand the intricacies of networking. It is a turnkey solution offered through a single provider to assist all aspects of a customer’s hybrid cloud deployments.
Each solution is designed to meet your preferences, providing you with a reference architecture cloud environment for maximum performance.
Want to learn more? Check back next week as LightEdge continues to break down pieces of the Hybrid Solution Centers, and explores the necessity of compliance, partnerships, and having an array of workloads.
Colocation on a platform that provides scalable, secure and mobile computing solutions


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