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What Makes LightEdge’s Customer Service Legendary?

Welcome back to our Operations blog! We have been providing monthly updates on specific projects within the operations team, along with tips, tricks and insight into how to keep everything running smoothly and what to do when an issue occurs to ensure your business is back up and running in no time.
This month we will be discussing the legendary customer service that all LightEdge customers receive when they contact our support team. We are speaking with Jason Schroeder who is are newest Vice President of Operations. Since entering this position, Jason’s goal has been legendary customer service.
Why LightEdge Support?
When asked what makes LightEdge’s customer service different, Schroeder said, “It sounds cliché, but it really is our people. They genuinely care about our customers and are continuously trying to do the right thing for them. Every one of our operations team members has a stake in providing service and support for customers, there are no exceptions. You combined our people, solutions and processes along with truly listening to customers, that’s what sets us apart.”
LightEdge is committed to offering real-time service support. Each of our solutions are backed by one of the strongest service guarantees in the industry. LightEdge support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no exceptions. Our technical support starts with direct access to technicians, not an operator or voice machine.
Technicians are always located in LightEdge’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and are available via a toll-free number for emergencies. Visit our support page to login to your My LightEdge Portal and submit a ticket or contact our support team by phone.
What to expect
When contacting the LightEdge support team, customers will be met with both speed and diligence. Our team of experts understand that the technical needs of the customer must be accomplished quickly and with accuracy to avoid operation disruption.
Our median ticket resolution goal is to resolve an issue in under four hours. Currently, LightEdge’s median resolution time has been 1 and a half hours or under. These time frames do not include the time that LightEdge waits to hear from the customer.
“Customers can expect LightEdge support to evolve and adapt so the customer experience is continually being improved,” said Schroeder.
How feedback betters our services
With feedback from our customers, LightEdge has been able to better its products, services and support. Every customer survey that LightEdge receives is read to ensure satisfaction.
Schroeder explained one example where customer feedback helped to better LightEdge customer service. In that case, several customers requested the ability to open support incidents or services requests via email, a capability not easily accomplished today with our current ITSM solutions. In response, we are working through implementation of a new ITSM solution and will be introducing the ability for customers to open requests via email. Customer requests are never taken lightly, that’s why filling out LightEdge surveys are so important, explains Schroeder.
Thanks for reading our monthly operations blog! We hope to serve you with legendary customer service soon. Check back next month to find out more ways that LightEdge can help make your operations run smoothly.


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