Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting a Data Center: Does the location offer sufficient connectivity and scalability?
Asking questions up front about the purpose of the facility and then determining how company goals need to be reflected in the design, construction and operation will play a foundational role in your search.
Virtualization, high-density and cloud computing – along with the need to support more and more users – are driving the demand for high bandwidth, high reliability and low latency connectivity. Since downtime directly impacts revenue and/or business operations, organizations with production environments are primarily focused on network connectivity that ensures data is always available, that the speed of the network is sufficient and that inherent delays in data processing are as small as possible.
Bandwidth and latency are both important factors to take into consideration when selecting a colocation facility that will house production-centered data and information critical to business process. By partnering with a provider that offers a combination of connectivity options – including upstream national and international fiber carriers and a fiber infrastructure that can grow with your organization – you will ensure the delivery of high bandwidth, high reliability and low latency service.
Not only should you pursue a colocation provider that offers scalable connectivity, you should also ensure the facility itself can scale for growth. Having contiguous space for expansion is a great asset for any data center facility.
Data Centers provide the advantages of the existing network and infrastructure, plus the convenience and security of flexible space options that make it easy for your company to expand and diversify. Finding one that can accommodate cost-effective, rapid contiguous expansion without disrupting business productivity is a great asset.
With geographically dispersed facilities in Altoona, IA; Des Moines, IA; Kansas City, MO, and Minneapolis, MN, our data centers are able help businesses throughout country. LightEdge’s Kansas Center data center is scheduled to open during the spring of this year. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn pages for the most recent photos of our construction progress. Download the spec sheet to learn more about the facility here.