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LightEdge Network Upgrades

Major Network Upgrades & Partnerships Expand Global Reach while Boosting Performance & Security

LightEdge, a leading provider of colocation, cloud, and managed service solutions, has launched a series of major network upgrades, including a huge capacity expansion to 100 gigabits, with the goal of enhancing network performance, security and global reach. The leader in compliant cloud and colocation for the past 25 years, LightEdge’s highly redundant, secure network is a major reason why the company maintains a customer churn rate of less than 1 percent.

“We continually invest in our network to maintain and expand our best-in-class services and support for our clients,” said LightEdge CEO Jim Masterson. “These latest upgrades illustrate our forward-looking approach to client growth, technology, and digital globalization trends. After LightEdge was founded as an ISP back in 1996, we spent more than two decades perfecting our network to be the most scalable, redundant, and secure in the US — and we intend to keep it that way.”

Among the key enhancements is a massive boost in network capacity. LightEdge’s team upgraded the network’s backbone routers from 10 gigabits to 100 gigabits. “This upgrade gives us 10 times the network capacity that we previously had,” said Masterson. “We’re happy to further assure our clients that we have the infrastructure to handle their current and future growth. Even as other data center and cloud providers choose to lessen their infrastructure focus, we are proudly investing in deploying, maintaining, and updating our infrastructure because we know it’s important to our clients.”

Along with expanding network capacity, another key advantage is the 100% SLA guaranteed uptime capabilities of LightEdge Advanced Network, which ensures clients can seamlessly continue business operations, even in the event of a regional internet outage. If this occurs, LightEdge’s private network automatically redirects client workloads and network to operate out of a LightEdge data center in a separate market. This automatic failover and built-in redundancy ensure LightEdge clients’ applications and services are always available. It is a source of particular pride for LightEdge because it offers a level of network resiliency and uninterrupted access that is extremely valuable to clients.

LightEdge has also increased bandwidth through dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) platform updates. Boosting bandwidth via DWDM technology enables clients to transmit and receive data faster.

Another significant benefit for clients is the expansion of LightEdge’s global network reach. LightEdge clients can access markets globally via a recent partnership with one of the world’s top digital infrastructure providers. “This peering will enable our clients to simply and seamlessly get almost anywhere around the globe within nearly any work environment,” said Masterson. “This is an excellent extension of our network capabilities.”

LightEdge is also rolling out new security capabilities. The company expanded its existing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation capabilities through a new partnership, while extending its data encryption services to encompass the vast majority of backbone links between its 11 data centers. These two additions add more security layers to LightEdge’s already top-notch data protection measures.

This news comes five months after LightEdge announced an upgrade to its entire cloud portfolio. The company improved its underlying cloud infrastructure, while also adjusting its managed services offerings to better support customer cloud environments.


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