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Holiday Backup Blues

Roger Mellman
Roger Mellman, Solutions Architect

Have the Holiday Backup Blues? Learn how you can avoid the blues this season from one of LightEdge’s Solutions Architects, Roger Mellman, in the blog post below.

Holidays can be stressful for IT departments, on one hand we look forward to the time off and on the other we dread of having to deal with unexpected issues that will interrupt our time with friends and family. We have all experienced this at least once in our career, the late night call or while we are spending time with family we get that dreaded notification that your system has experienced an issue.  This is not the time to wonder if your IBM i backups or even tapes are any good and the thought of having to drive back to the office to load another tape.
It’s time to consider alternative options available to IBM i users when it comes to backup or disaster recovery for your IBM Power server. LightEdge can provide validation of your existing Full System Backup tape to our hosted Power Cloud, letting you know if you can restore your IBM Power server if you should ever need to. We can also provide a reservation of our Power Cloud in the event your hardware should have a catastrophic failure.

Data Protection

Remote Backup Copy Incremental backups & continuous replication at LightEdge. LightEdge enables IBM supported businesses to achieve previously unavailable DR readiness through enhanced RTO/RPOs. Eliminate tape for dramatically improved reliability, speed and process improvement.
LightEdge leverages Data Domain, EMC’s enterprise-class recovery solution designed for network-efficient replications, reduced backup windows and RTO/RPO improvements at scale. Replication is supported by MIMIX®, another IBM validated business partner for real-time replication to a fully operational server environment at LightEdge.

IBM i Recovery Cloud

recovery cloudA tested plan for running on backup. LightEdge reserves a pre-configured LPAR and data center resources you’ll need to recover your critical IT systems in
our data center. Take advantage of premium restoration resources at a price point that only multi-tenancy offers.
We include one full system restore test per year along with the DR resources required to accomplish it. A flexible platform & infinitely scalable resource pool ensure rapid RPO/RTO to meet stringent business requirements.
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