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Work Hard, Play Hard at LightEdge

Welcome back to our Operations blog! We have been providing monthly updates on specific projects within the LightEdge team, along with tips ticks and insights into how to keep everything running smoothly and what to do when an issue occurs to ensure your business is back up and running in no time.
This month we will be showcasing the people behind our Human Resources team to educate potential employees about LightEdge’s company culture. We are speaking with Jenni Nordaker, LightEdge’s Internal Recruiter. On a typical day, you can find Jenni posting new positions to the Careers page, prescreening candidates and setting up interviews with different teams.

What is the LightEdge Culture?

One of LightEdge’s top priorities is our employees. Having a strong company culture is essential to our day-to-day at LightEdge. “I always tell candidates that I genuinely love my job because I get to work with such great people,” said Jenni. “We have such passionate, smart, and innovative individuals here who really take the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and ‘leave your ego at the door’ value to heart.”
“Everyone works so hard for the customer and to help LightEdge grow and succeed but there’s also such a unique comradery here where people seem to really like who they work with,” said Jenni. To keep the work environment a fun a positive one, LightEdge hosts events and special activities centered around employees. From the annual LightEdge Chili Cook-off, to frequent HR bar socials, and monthly specialty coffee carts, employees can have fun while they work hard.

Work hard, play hard at LightEdge

How are employees valued?

“I love being part of the HR team because we get to plan and put on fun events like our annual summer picnic, Chili Cook-off, and Christmas party,” said Jenni. LightEdge is happy to have created an environment that makes employees excited to come to work in the morning.
Other ways that LightEdge shows its employees that they are a valued asset, is by encouraging ongoing training and skill building. “My team helps to facilitate and put together trainings for employees to make sure that people grow professionally towards goals and objectives they set.”
On top of above-average compensation, a great company culture full of fun employee events, and ongoing personal training, LightEdge shows their employees they are valued through open, two-way communication. “We rolled out Reflektive at the beginning of 2017 with the intent of getting more real-time feedback and also have a platform to consistently recognize people for the great work they’re doing on a daily basis,” said Jenni.

Tips for interview success

“Whenever I go to college career fairs, I always encourage students to think about the type of company they want to be a part of, because I believe that’s equally important as finding the job you want. Being part of a fast-paced, growing company like LightEdge gives you the opportunity to be exposed to so many different projects and technologies. If you’re someone who is eager to learn and wants to continue to grow and expand your skill set, I can absolutely guarantee you will never be bored at LightEdge,” said Jenni.
Applicants that are preparing for an interview at LightEdge can check out our LightEdge website to learn more about the services we provide. Applicants can also stay up-to-date on the latest LightEdge news by checking our News and FAQs page.

LightEdge’s Company Values

– Take Initiative
– Exhibit locker room leadership
– Maintain an entrepreneurial spirit
– Demonstrate strong character
– Leave your ego at the door
– Take ownership of your work
– Always put the customer first
– Be team-oriented and reflect unity
– Under-promise and over-deliver
– Work hard, play hard

Thanks for reading our monthly operations blog! If you missed last month’s post about our people behind the platform, you can find it here. We hope you learned more about the LightEdge company culture and our Human Resources team. Check back next month to find out new ways that LightEdge can help make your operations run smoothly.


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