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Colocation Myths for Banks to Forget

“Colocation is not secure enough for financial banking IT.” “Colocation will not meet the security and compliance requirements that we have in banking.” “Colocation would not provide the network performance needs.” Does this sound familiar? Colocation facilities play an essential role in the storage and security of a banking organization’s data and digital information.

Larger banking corporations may opt to store their servers within their own four walls. However, many other financial institutions choose to rely on other companies to run and protect the data center and will pay them for power consumption and space. This outsourcing of data center floor space is called colocation. Colocation provides secure, redundant, scalable, and affordable options that are vital to the growth and success of businesses. Yet, due to the integral role they play, colocation facilities are often subject to industry myths and falsehoods. After hearing from financial IT industry experts all over the world, we have noticed a pattern in some common myths and misconceptions associated with colocation that we’d like to debunk.



LightEdge Busts all of your Banking Colocation Myths

LightEdge’s highly-trained compliance and security experts take the guesswork out of keeping your business protected. Trust our expertise to ensure you are covered through our security and compliance services, including risk management, information security, audit preparedness and support.

LightEdge has PCI DSS secure data center locations at our Des MoinesKansas CityOmaha, Austin and Raleigh data center facilities. With LightEdge, you can achieve auditable PCI compliance. With a specific background working with financial institutions, our data center and hosting solutions provide you with confidence you need to meet PCI DSS requirements.

LightEdge offers a free risk assessment from our compliance experts as an included resource to all of our customers. Compliance and security are top priorities to guarantee that your data is protected. Our colocation Services have been validated against the PCI DSS to provide you with the confidence you need to meet your compliance requirements and secure the credit card data you process. Work alongside LightEdge’s engineers to review the compliance process and develop any necessary documentation. LightEdge is compliant with:

LightEdge builds security and redundancy into every detail of our data center facilities and service offerings, and our engineers have the know-how to advise you on meeting your compliance requirements, regardless of industry standard.

If you are interested in getting a risk free assessment from our banking compliance experts, a tour of any of our PCI DSS compliant data centers or to learn more about LightEdge’s compliance offers, contact us here. We have cloud hosting security and compliance experts standing by to answer any of your questions.

If you want to learn more about compliant colocation, download our two e-books, 10 Critical Questions to Ask Your Data Center Provider, How Colocation Facilities Can Cure Your IT Headache, and How to Tech Guide: Encryption for Data Security.



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