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25 years

OnRamp Acquisition Update: The Major Changes That Have Taken Shape

Has it already been a year and a half? Time has truly flown by since the acquisition and blending of OnRamp into LightEdge. On July 17th of 2018, we announced that LightEdge acquired the Austin, Texas-based compliant cloud and colocation company, OnRamp. Since then, we’ve been learning from and adopting the best practices and strengths from each organization to go-to-market as the strongest combined data center and cloud provider in the nation.

Originally, this acquisition presented the perfect opportunity for LightEdge to expand our data center presence into Texas & North Carolina and tap into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Power Grid for added geographic redundancy across the US. Since then, we have realized many more benefits that allowed us to transform the combined LightEdge organization into the leader in compliant cloud and colocation services on the EDGE.

As time continues to fly by, I wanted to slow down and share some of the major changes, updates to come, and successes we have experienced since welcoming OnRamp into the LightEdge family.

What’s Changed?

Since the Austin company was acquired by LightEdge, things have evolved tremendously.

For starters, in addition to the name change from OnRamp to LightEdge, customers now have access to a larger team of skilled experts and global partnerships than ever before. As a unified organization, we have also streamlined our product offerings and added some new solutions to meet the market’s demand, like Dedicated AWS Cloud powered by Stratoscale (…more to come on that.)

The final huge change to OnRamp’s data centers was getting them on LightEdge’s private, high speed fiber backbone. Now the Austin data centers and Raleigh facility are inter-connected with all of LightEdge’s other Tier III data centers across the US. This allows us to deliver the 100% uptime we’re known for to all of our clients, including those that had originally partnered with OnRamp.


With the joining of these two forces, our customers and partners are able to tap into unmatched compliance and security expertise, world-class engineering professionals, and a technical support staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no exceptions. This level of support is included with every LightEdge service and is designed to accommodate the unique needs of each customer.

LightEdge compliance specialists and our CSO, Michael Hannan, work collaboratively with our clients to ensure all services align with their security and compliance requirements and are suitable for use under strict regulatory guidelines, such as:

Private Interconnectivity

When asked about our differentiators against the competition, one of the first answers is always – our network.

Today, we have narrowed in our primary focus to our Tier III data centers and compliant cloud offerings, but there is no doubt our networking heritage still runs strong in all that we execute. All of LightEdge’s facilities and services have been designed around connectivity with proven insight from our networking experts, making us unrivaled in the market.

With geographically dispersed facilities in the Midwest, South, and East Coast, our data centers are as close to the EDGE as you can get. LightEdge is becoming the hub where internet providers meet, removing latency and performance issues for all those clients and partners in our facilities. We have made it our priority to make sure your applications are always up, and always fast for end users.

Access to New Resources

Within the last year and a half, our growing company has rolled out new product offerings like our Dedicated AWS Cloud. In a partnership with Stratoscale, LightEdge is now delivering a cloud service platform that is AWS-compatible and can be deployed across all of our enterprise-class, compliant, and secure data centers.

In addition to new product offerings, LightEdge has gained new global partnerships. These new strategic technology relationships that LightEdge has formed continue to help customers get the most out of their IT investments and work with the best in the world.

In the acquisition, LightEdge gained three state of the art data centers between Austin, Texas and Raleigh, NC that have since received new compliance certifications to match all of LightEdge’s other facilities, including ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1.

With a total of seven world-class data centers, we have increased our disaster recovery benefits for customers. LightEdge can ensure uninterrupted performance of IT operations and mission-critical systems in the event of a disaster with a comprehensive set of disaster recovery solutions, from managed backups and colocation to a comprehensive disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

Thank You!

With the growth and success that we have seen since the acquisition, LightEdge is incredibly grateful for our employees, customers, and partners who have been the driving force behind it all.

We look forward to our continued development as one company. If you have any questions about our acquisition of OnRamp, please give us a call today. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have!


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